Where am I? Is this heaven? Am I under water? Who are you, what is this?

    Where you are physically I know not. You are most likely sitting in a chair, or desk or bed. It is probably late if you are viewing this at home, for what else besides a sleep addled mind would visit a page like this. The other possibility is that you are at work. Finding reading this easier than working.
    No, unfortunately, this is not heaven, though i'd be quite flattered if you thought so.You might be in heaven, if it exists or if they have internet, but with all my power as king, even I do not know that.
    Maybe, if you're a fish.
    I am the rain king. My ideas fall to earth  in the earth in the form of rain. This is the rain barrel, a collection of all of those ideas that were important enough to write down and share. More specifically, this page is a collection of answers to the questions above.